A Couple of Minutes Away

Winter is a great time for sipping hot chocolate and cuddling indoors with bae. But sometimes you may want to change it up. A special couples trip to an exotic island would be the perfect thing to do.


A vacation laying back on the beach with the hot sand between your toes and listening to the waves flow is the type of relaxation we all need once in awhile. And enjoying all this in the company of the person you love makes it even better.


At the beach, you can put your feet in the water, jump through the waves, surf the ocean blues, and swim to cool off when it gets too hot. Or chill in the sand, take a walk or jog, and work on your tan so when you go back home people will tell you that you’re glowing, both from the sun and the good times you had.



With the bright sun and beautiful water surrounding you, your accessories will shine. The ocean’s blue can be felt by wearing a turquoise or blue gemstone, a feeling that you’ll remember even after you leave. The golden hues of the sun could reflect the gold pieces around your neck and hands. The down to earth vibe jewelry can give enhances the experience of your vacation, and you and bae will look great too! Everyone on the beach will feel the love from the good looking couple having fun and shining from accessories and smiles.

So grab your loved one or even a special friend and head to the beach!


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