Home is Where the Heart is

The upcoming Spring season is a time when you have to say “out with old and in with the new.” A fresh perspective and an even fresher wardrobe are in demand with the end of fashion week and the new collections hitting the stores. Speaking of new collections, while you were on vacation, the LMJ team was not. But don’t worry, they still brought you gifts! Gifts in the form of two brand new jewelry lines that you have to see.

The Home collection is a line based on the architecture and geometric shapes that New York City is made of. Silver and gold plated jewelry with diamond accents that are sure to brighten up your day with it’s fun yet tasteful style.

Street lights aren’t just for telling cars what to do, they are also great for inspo as we want you to have people stop and stare at the look you are rocking. And who says pac man is just a video game? Wear the iconic open circle around your wrist or on your ears. Look elegant and feel spirited with these enjoyable pieces.


You don’t have to be a hard core New Yorker to appreciate the city that never sleeps and what it’s made of. So if you’re a native New Yorker or if you’re just looking for something fun to wear, the Home collection is for you. Check it out at the LMJ website. Enjoy!


Products Featured: Electric Spark Earrings, Raindrop Stud Earrings, Wrecking Ball Lariat Necklace, Pac- Man Chase Ring, Aim High Ring, Visionary Ring


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