Nothing to Wine About

Do you ever have a day where you just come home and think, “I could really use a bottle of wine.” Don’t worry, we all get that way sometimes. You deserve a reward after a long week or even a long day (of course in moderation). But there’s something better than just buying a bottle from a store and drinking in your apartment, and it’s going to an actual winery.

If you’re going to use wine as a simple escape, why not make a trip of it? From Martha’s Vineyard to the fields of Tuscany, there are so many to choose from. Bring a friend and make it a fun excursion. Swirl the wine in the cup like a pro and take a sip of the sweet, or bitter, satisfaction.

Being out in Nature adds to the experience and is much more intriguing than anything on TV.

It’s also an opportunity to dress up and enhance your outing with a fashion feature. Put on a classy look for the occasion or you could elevate your outfit with some jewelry. It could make a simple T-shirt look as good as a dress. It’s an adventure you’re seeking, and you might as well make a statement with some pieces that say chic and fun.

Get out there and enjoy yourself! You’ll never look at a bottle of wine the same way again.


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