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Hello, and welcome to The LMJ Journal! This is where we share with you our perspective on jewelry fashion trends, travel inspo, brand developments & passion for all things lifestyle.

At LMJ, which stands for LuvMyJewelry, our team of dedicated individuals handcrafts jewelry pieces that are infused with a passion and love for what we do, making every person who wears our jewelry feel confident in his or her style. Each piece of jewelry comes with a special poem about the collection it is from, and the poetry is written by the founder and CEO, Sujan Doshi, himself.

Sujan’s interest in jewelry stemmed from growing up around his family’s fine jewelry and diamond wholesale businesses, where he felt a constant lack of innovation and personalization. As a working professional in Chicago & New York City, Sujan witnessed a retail apparel revolution with Gilt, Trunk Club, Rent the Runway and Bonobos leading at the forefront. It was clear to him that the luxury jewelry space needed a similar shake-up.

Born in New York City, LuvMyJewelry blends Sujan’s passion for retail, fashion, fine jewelry and writing. Sujan created LuvMyJewelry to not only inspire people with his jewelry designs, but also touch their hearts with his compelling, relatable words. The LMJ Journal is where we continue our storytelling and creative expression, so join us on this amazing journey as we build, expand and inspire.

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